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News: Sorry! The site went down for a minute or twenty on August 4th. because during some routine mantenence and installation we discovered that the previous owner of the building had no business wiring anything. We found this inside our wall. Needless to say, power to the building was cut off while it was removed.

NOTE: In order to welcome our mobile clientelle, we've switched to a smartphone-friendly (more or less) layout.
Bear with us; as we're trying to be helpful, we've tested it thoroughly, but not on every phone.


NEWS: So we've decided to roll out our BarHopper program as an online recipe book app. You can still purchase the standalone program of it for Windows/Linux by clicking here.

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still buy the original
It's old but we LOVE it,
and you can store your
OWN recipes!
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We love Parrotheads!




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We also love Visual FoxPro. In fact, this site runs partially on VFP!

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